It was a rainy September morning when Mr. Brixton received a letter from his sister carrying the news of her dead husband. It didn’t quite shock him because he was aware of the poor man’s bad health; and being a biologist, he somewhat figured that the man didn’t have much time to live.  He grieved that his brother-in-law had to die too young and he couldn’t be with his family in the time of tragedy. Mr. Brixton was supposed to depart the day before, to the town where his sister lived, with a parcel for the Biology Research Institute. However because of the heavy rain that was pouring for the past days, it didn’t arrive on time. Cursing under his breath he left the letter on the table and went to pack his baggage. Continue reading

Infinity and One

I finally took out my phone after thinking, for a thousand times, if I should call her. I dialed up her number and put it over my ears to hear it ring. It rang and rang and as it did I thought of the infinite possibilities of how the conversation might go. Continue reading


I remember my mother’s eyes, green and beautiful. Maya got her eyes from her, and whenever dad saw her he would become sad and say she left him alone with us. But dying wasn’t her choice; not the way she died. Mom was struck down with the Witch’s fever during the winter when Maya was just five. She lost a mother when she needed one the most, and dad spent most of his time in the town bar ever since. 
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A Million Sparks

Reading the “Sparks” from “What Young India Wants ” by Chetan Bhagat was one those life changing moments that one gets from inspirational people. It was initially presented as a speech by him at an orientation programme for MBA students in Symbiosis, Pune, on 25 July, 2008. He discussed about how one is led by curiosity at the beginning of a new event in their life. He called this excitement, “Spark”. Here’s what I’ve learned from him.

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Game dead

There is always something which can clam you, no matter how intense or frustrated your mind is. In my case, this time, were a pair of beautiful feet of a lovely looking girl. It shifted my frustration completely, or at least that’s what I kept thinking for an hour. My frustration was over the creation of a quarantine institution by the Head of the inst.; to be precise, Head of our section. Not a disease quarantine, but rather an activity quarantine (games mostly).
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Barks in the Morning

I always wanted a dog. One who would piss around at random sofa legs. Messe around in the kitchen. Bark all night, keeping the neighbours awake. Yes, I know, I sound insane. But I guess that’s what every dog owner thinks of before geting a dog. Or, at least that’s what I think of, because everybody knows dogs don’t come in black suits being all formal and stuff.
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I fell

Don’t take me literally here. When I said ‘I fell‘, I meant in love. And by that, I don’t mean those childish fantasy crush on a lady’s beauty. In fact my love for her wasn’t anything about her gorgeous body, her lovely curve on her smile or the stunning looks from her eyes. Nope, not because of those amazingly mesmerizing appearance of her (okay, maybe a little bit… 😛 ). But, this time, unlike previously how I fell for others, I fell for her personality, her wit, her anger, her laughter. The way she thought, the words she uttered. I just dropped down like a ripened apple from a tree.
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Post Movie Emotions

Post Movie Emotions, something which we receive at the end of every movie we’ve watched. I don’t know how you might feel about them, but for me those are the most glorious part of a movie. Coming out of the movie, filled with ideas and a zeal to share them with your friends and family. Mostly those inspirational movies or those war movies (upon watching which you’re filled with utmost sympathy and pride for your national army).

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